Release Notes

Nov 19, 2015


Regrann now supports Instagram new post sizes without cropping.

Added username to name of saved photos and videos.


Performance improvements to minimize having to restart Regrann.

NOTE: Cleaner and booster apps such as Clean Master or CCleaner close apps to increase phone speed or to minimize battery consumption. If you are using cleaner or booster apps and you do not want for them to close Regrann, make sure to add Regrann to these app’s Ignore list.

Aug 20, 2015

New features

No-crop from photo gallery

Post full sized pics from the gallery to Instagram without cropping them. No more having to leave out parts of your photos.

Original photorsz_san_francisco_landscape_wallpaper62656

Full size Instagram postimg_20150821_134354 (2)

Cropped Instagram post
img_20150821_134305 (2)

Just select a photo from your phone’s picture gallery app and press on the share button. Scroll and press on the Regrann icon… it’s that simple!



Browse Instagram and keep photos or video you would like to repost later… without having to repost them right away.

Just press on the post’s 3 dots and then on the POST LATER button. The photo or video will be kept for you to repost later, when the time is right for you.

Once you are ready to repost kept photos or videos, press on the “Show Post-Later Photo” button on the Settings screen.


Quick Post-Later mode

In this mode, after pressing on the 3 dots of an Instagram post, Regrann automatically keeps the photo or video for you to post later… bypassing the Regrann Share screen and without leaving the Instagram app.



User interface

  • Improved Settings page layout
  • Addition of Normal mode switch to bring Regrann to default operating mode
  • Addition of Getting Started Video
  • Removal of Facebook and Twitter buttons from the Share screen. Use the Share button to share with these and other apps.


If you experience any issues with Regrann, please contact-us. Give us a chance to address the problem before you leave a bad review.

Also, we welcome your feedback on how to improve Regrann.

Previous Release

New features

Quick Repost to Instagram

  • Faster way to repost photos and videos to your Instagram feed or direct message them to your friends
  • When active, this feature bypasses the Regrann screen and takes you directly to the Instagram upload screens. No need to select Instagram as the destination. It is done for you
  • To go back to normal mode, just open Regrann from the app icon and disable the Quick Repost to Instagram feature
  • Tap on picture bellow to how it works



  • Faster transition from and to Instagram
  • Improved the app’s ability to re-start when the phone’s operating system stops background processes during standby mode. If Regrann still stops working, please let us know so we can continue improving. To restart Regrann, just open the app from the Regrann icon. After that, you can use as usual.

User interface

  • User interface update (colors, layout)
  • Moved SAVE button to bottom action bar for faster access
  • Added Settings button  for access to settings and tutorials
  • Added a notes section to communicate with users


  • Expanded tutorial to include instructions for:
    • Repost to your Instagram feed
    • Quick Repost to your Instagram feed
    • Save to your phone
    • Tweet and image, not a link

Caption Not Showing

This problem was caused by changes made by Instagram.

If not done yet, update Regrann for the solution.

New caption insertion steps:

  1. Follow the usual process to repost a photo
  2. Once you get to the Instagram “SHARE TO” screen, do the following