New Issue : You do not see “Share Link”  or”Copy Link” when you click the 3 dots.

Instagram has removed these menu items for some accounts.  This may be temporary.  For now, you can follow this method here :

You are seeing “Share Link”  instead of “Copy Link” when you click the 3 dots.

Regrann sending photo to story in Instagram.  You need to do the following to fix that :

Open the phone settings, select Apps->Instagram->”Set as Default” Then click the button “Clear Defaults”.  Then try to repost another one manually and this time select the “Instagram” button not “Your Story”

How to repost Multi-Photo posts

Regrann does not work after installation

Regrann runs in the background of Instagram. You must open it once right after installing. Then, you can close it. Regrann will open automatically when you tap on the three dots from Instagram.

Regrann stopped working

Sometimes, your device stops background processes during standby mode. When this happens, just restart Regrann from the app icon. After that, you can use as usual.

Video takes long time to repost or share (Android version only)

Video repost/share speed varies depending on the video file size and network capacity. Therefore, to maximize speed, you should repost/share videos when on a strong WIFI network.

If a video repost/share is taking too long, you can cancel it by tapping on your cell’s back key.

Regrann caption (comment) disappears

If the caption (comment) disappears when you Regrann a photo/video, it is probably because the number of hashtags goes over the limit when Regrann adds the #regrann hashtag: “You can use up to 30 tags on a post. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment won’t post.“.

To solve the problem, if a post seems to have a large amount of hashtags, remove one of them. Do not remove #regrann.